Residential Yoga

Yoga class every week without having to leave your building

Alpha Yoga brings the personal attention of private and small group yoga from our studio to any location.

Alpha Yoga offers classes for residents of multi-unit buildings to experience the benefits of a weekly residents-only class within their building.

No need to leave the premises, drive through traffic, find parking and go to a studio and pay top-dollar for a group session with people you don’t know. Rather picture your tenants packing a mat and a bottle of water, getting in the elevator and going an open space in or around your building and be led through a 60-90 minute yoga session. Best of all, they have an opportunity to work out with their local community. Those they run into in the elevators throughout the day, park next to and see pool-side on the weekends. Stress-free and best of all – absolutely free.

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Having 1-3 weekly yoga classes in your building provides community building benefits that will help nurture the peaceful, healthy environment you have established for your residents. Best of all, your residents will appreciate an additional healthy offering your building offers that other communities do not provide.

Our Method


By providing Yoga in your building, your guests will more likely attend these classes as there is little effort to attend them. We will provide classes at a convenient time to maximize the number of attendees.


Our classes can be customized per class, location and/or individual. Most residential classes tend to be Beginner to early Intermediate classes to ensure the maximum benefit to each student attending. Our classes avoid any form pose or practice that may aggravate prior injuries as our instructors take the time needed to learn how to best customize the class for your guests. By simply talking to our students we learn about areas to avoid to provide the best possible experience for them. Our classes are focused on our primary goals:

  • Safety – we ensure to learn areas to focus and avoid on a per-student basis
  • Accomplishment – we ensure students walk away from class satisfied and with a general sense of well-being
  • Comfort – we ensure that classes are not competitive or disruptive to your community. Classes are meant to build your community as we have students focus on themselves first to better their practice.
  • Focus on Fitness – our classes are focused on strict instructions for the poses rather than get caught up in philosophy


Our catalog of instructors is wide and varied from all walks of life. We are committed to building a community within your building and part of that is to be consistent. Many people drop from a fitness schedule because it’s convenient to just stop. One big obstacle that they may encounter is that once they get used to the class, if the instructor does not show up – then they lose interest in the class. Our instructor roster is built for each building to ensure that we have 3 instructors (a primary, a back-up and an emergency back-up) available per session in order to avoid any class cancellation.

Class Offering

Alpha Yoga provides a number of Beginner to early Intermediate level classes in Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is standard kinesthetic physical yoga focused on the body. Our classes focus more on workouts and relaxation without straying to any particular school or philosophy of yoga. Particular schools of yoga area available at any private yoga studio. Alpha Yoga instructors create a leveled playing field for all attendees so there is no focus on any particular school of yoga. We avoid any physical claims made by many in the yoga community regarding healing benefits for particular ailments and we disassociate ourselves from any for of spiritual or religious doctrine. Our classes are focused strictly to create a comfortable community where all are welcomed and our instructors adhere to strict instructions for the poses rather than get caught up in philosophy. We understand that students are sensitive and many are just looking for an hour out of their day to relax and focus on themselves. Their focus is what is important to us.

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Other types of fitness

At Alpha Yoga, we have instructors in various forms of fitness – not just yoga. We offer instructors certified and licensed in Spinning, Crossfit, Meditation and general physical conditioning.

If you are interested in providing these great benefits to your guests, call us today to set up an appointment and learn more.

Yoga benefits for your guests:

  • Convenient – no need to leave the premises
  • Affordable – guests save from $15 and up per class (a potential savings of $70+ a month)
  • Well-being – consistent yoga practitioners have better sense of well-being and healthy lifestyle

Interested in bringing Alpha Yoga to your residential community? We offer a number of certified, licensed & insured instructors that conduct classes in private studios, public parks and other residential communities in Coral Gables.

Call or email us to join other Miami-Dade & Broward residential communities currently enjoying classes from Alpha Yoga.

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