Photo by: Evan Lovely

We offer several kinds of classes:

Lightsaber Introductory Classes

Learn how to weild a combal lightsaber and join local Star Wars fans participating in Kenjutsu (Japaanses swordsmanship).

Beginner Yoga

These classes are geared more for people who’ve barely or never done yoga.

Hatha Yoga

These classes are geared more for regular yoga practitioners.

Alpha Sessions

Alpha sessions are specialized sessions that are themed around music curated by the instructors. These are epic classes for audiophiles and music lovers. These classes are scheduled in advance are limited in space. If you are interested in attending or hosting an Alpha Session, please contact us to add you to our Alpha Session list.

Current Alpha Sessions: Boards of Canada: Music has the Right to Children, Lorde: Pure Heroine, Tycho: Awake

Playlist of the Month: Yoga-Dawn (curated for a 90 min class)

Music is the most essential part of our class. All class music is hand-picked and sequenced to the flow of the class. Feel free to use these playlists: